A Software Development Methodology That Works

EndPoint Modeling is a logical methodology, a precise way of organizing and managing software engineering projects. Created by experienced professionals, EPM eliminates the risk of budget overruns and projects that fail to meet expectations.

EndPoint Modeling: Powering Success

EndPoint Modeling reduces software development timeline and cost, as proven by some of the most successful international businesses.

What EPM Guarantees

Your software development projects are contractually guaranteed to be delivered:




Eliminating Risks

According to a report from Gartner, over 3.8 trillion will be spent globally on IT projects in 2020. Of these projects (according to the 20,000 CIOs surveyed), an estimated 70% will fail to meet successful delivery criteria upon delivery, meaning that they will exceed their budgets, encounter timeline delays or fail to meet their specification requirements, not only costing money but time and reputation.

And in some cases, they can even cost you your business.

A study conducted by McKinsey concluded that 17% of IT projects fail to the extent that they threaten the existence of the business they were commissioned for, and the Harvard Business Review established that, on average, one in six IT projects will incur budget overruns of over 200%, and 70% will be delivered late.

Software Development Methodology
Eliminating Inefficiency

Eliminating Inefficiency

The Endpoint Modeling software development methodology was developed in 2012 after a team of technology solutions providers became frustrated with the lack of transparency, the dangerous cost overruns, the missed deadlines, and the unsuccessful projects that defined the custom software industry at the time.

Today, in a faster and more integrated world, these risks have only increased.


70% of projects fail to meet successful delivery criteria.


75% of those fail due to a lack of senior management involvement.


57% of projects fail due to a breakdown of communications

How EndPoint Modeling Works

EPM is custom software development methodology that is revolutionizing the industry by contractually guaranteeing the success of your project’s timeline, budget, and expectations.


The process engages all of the project’s stakeholders, using proven focus and workshop management techniques to promote a true consensus and reduce the risk of ‘evolving requirements’ and unmet expectations.


The EndPoint Modeling strategy provides a logical framework for customer. Proven after successful delivery of over 600,000 project hours, it allows us to contractually guarantee the budget and specifications our client expects.


The EMP workshop produces a detailed blueprint and feasibility study before a single line of code is written, ensuring that all of the project’s requirements can be met within the time-frame and budget allowed.

Upon the completion of the EndPoint Modeling Workshop, you are provided with a clickable prototype to test the feel and features of the new UI/UX, offering an opportunity to make changes and finalize the design without additional cost.


of Our Projects Have Been Delivered On-Budget


of Our Projects Have Been Delivered On-Time


of our projects have been delivered To-Spec and exceeded expectations

EndPoint Modeling projects are contractually guaranteed to be delivered to-spec, on-time, and on-budget.

Will EndPoint Modeling Work For My Project?

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