Three Tips to Help You Succeed in Mobile in 2020

Three Tips to Help You Succeed in Mobile in 2020

The Coronavirus crisis has prompted a wave of interest and investment in mobile app development. While the virus may have peaked in some countries, the knowledge that quarantines may still be needed and our way of life has changed is driving unprecedented mobile app development to meet the needs of consumers around the world. So how are the big mobile app developers rising to the challenge of 2020? What makes one company succeed and standout in the race to capture the attention of consumers in a changing world?

Many are pivoting to better serve their users, adopting strategies to address the needs of people staying at home, or facing a slow recovery with periodic setbacks. To ensure they’ve hit the mark for the apps, they are relying more on reviews and searching for new opportunities to raise their profiles in app store searches.


Pivot if Needed

The location-based game, Pokémon Go, was one of the first to pivot. The company (Niantic) realized early that their app needed to adjust to fit the needs of users stuck at home, or who were limiting their movements to comply with health restrictions and social distancing. They quickly launched a version of the game that reduced the walking and distance requirements needed to play, ensuring that Pokémon Go could be played indoors in small houses or apartments, resulting in a spike in downloads.


Rely on Advanced Reviews

To ensure that their mobile app development projects will meet the true expectations of their users, many mobile app developers are turning to Advanced Reviews. With Advanced Reviews, developers can collect customer feedback from the iOS app store using a granular or macro lens. This the best way to understand what projects will be successful, or how projects might need to change to better attract mobile users.

The Relevant Terms feature is also important, allowing mobile app developers to better understand what users think of their new features by flagging the terms included in a product’s reviews that are having the biggest impact on ratings. From the Relevant Terms, mobile app developers can determine what aspects of the gameplay are the most successful.

The Topic Analysis feature also provides valuable insight, helping product teams to focus on what topics recur the most in reviews so that performance or functionality can be adjusted. All of these review features, when regularly used, can help mobile app developers understand how their products are performing and how they can better succeed in mobile.


Increasing ASO

Many mobile app developers are now extending free trial periods and highlighting the lockdown benefits of their products in the first few sentences of their app descriptions to catch the attention of users who are still struggling with restricted movement, health, or anxiety issues at home.

We have entered a time when users are relying more on their mobile phones than ever before, and so now is the time to bring new tools to the market, and understand and leverage their competitive advantages.

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