A Hydroponic Food Producer Keeps Profits Growing with a Complete System Monitoring Solution

A Large Hydroponics Food Production Firm.

Business challenges

The client needed a system that would monitor conditions within a closed food production environment, track those conditions, organize and store historical data, track harvest cycles, create detailed reports and alert caretakers to any changes that might threaten the health of fragile herbs and microgreens.

EPM Workshop

During an Endpoint Modeling Workshop, we were able to understand the harvet and production process, the needs of the plants, the sensitivity of the environment. We spoke with all of the stakeholders and designed a system to work with both mobile and monitoring devices.

Business Results

The firm enjoyed many successful harvests after deployment and was able to precisely track the conditions of the growing environment as well as the resources used, and the quality of the herbs and microgreens produced.


Client Satisfaction with the Delivered Solution


Successful harvests in the First Year of Deployment


Accuracy in Reporting

EndPoint Modeling projects are contractually guaranteed to be delivered on-spec, on-time, and on-budget.