Mobile Apps: Supporting the Fight Against Coronavirus Across a Wide Spectrum of Industries

Mobile Apps: Supporting the Fight Against Coronavirus Across a Wide Spectrum of Industries

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, mobile apps have risen to the challenge of keeping people safer, more connected, more productive and better entertained in the face of isolation. In the coming months, much more will be needed as society transitions to the new reality of sustained social distancing. For many businesses, this is not just a wake-up call; it is the start of a transformative journey that will revolutionize the way they acquire clients, handle customers, and deliver high-quality products and services.


Video Conferencing & EdTech Mobile Apps

Already in 2020, mobile apps that have helped to ease the burden of quarantine or facilitate remote productivity, have seen a meteoric rise in downloads and usage. According to App Annie, video conference apps such as Zoom experienced a 90% increase in downloads in March of 2020 compared to the same timeframe in 2019.  Zoom, in particular, is reporting a count of over 200 million meeting participants per day.

Not all of the conferencing apps experiencing significant growth are focused on work, remote productivity, or education. The Houseparty app, which struggled to gain users at the start of 2019, has now experienced a 2360-fold increase in downloads.

More products will be needed to serve the many populations enduring lockdowns as mobile app security and performance become the primary drivers of downloads rather than availability.


Coronavirus Tracking Mobile Apps

Governments around the globe have launched mobile apps to inform and protect their citizens and assist in the process of opening up economies. Dozens of Coronavirus trackers have become available in recent weeks, with more slated to launch in the next month.  On April 17th, Apple and Google announced their intention to collaborate on creating safe ways to use smartphone data to trace the contact points between people who test positive for Coronavirus and those they may have infected. Such apps would map the spread of the disease in the hopes that outbreaks can be rapidly locked down in the future.

We can expect to see more apps using these methods to help users navigate the risks of free movement before effective Coronavirus vaccines and treatments become widely available.


Telemedicine & Digital Health Mobile Apps

Coronavirus has increased the demand for remote consultation and medical examination. The big winners are apps like Push Doctor,  who experienced a 70% rise in requests for appointments at the end of March 2020, with demand increasing since then.

The Swedish telemedicine company, Kry, has doubled the number of appointments it usually provides in the past few weeks and the Ada Health app—a mobile app for checking symptoms—experienced a 300% increase in assessment requests.

Wais Shaifta, CEO of Push Doctor, commented, “It’s the perfect storm. Most GPs are now closed, lots of doctors are working from home.”


Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Apps

As reported by App Annie, consumers spent over $23.4 Billion through app stores in Q1 of 2020, downloading over 13 billion games. This is a 30% increase from the same period in 2019. The demand for games and mobile entertainment is set to dramatically increase, even from these impressive numbers, due to long periods of social distancing and periodic quarantines currently predicted for 2020. The major consumers for these products (Millenials and Generation Z) tend to search for new products frequently, meaning that the market has plenty of room for newcomers and startups.


Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps

Record-high demand for groceries and supplies during the Coronavirus lockdown allowed the Walmart Grocery app to surpass Amazon’s shopping app by 20% in total downloads in the first week of April. Compared to it’s January 2020 performance, the Walmart Grocery app grew by 460%.

While the large grocery chains are certainly benefitting from the rise in demand for digital services, smaller stores will need to follow suit in the coming months, and we expect to see more small and mid-size companies undergoing digital transformations to increase profits and better serve their customers.


FinTech Mobile Apps

As the Coronavirus threat savaged the markets, consumers turned to FinTech to stay informed, receive advice, and further their investment strategies. Robinhood, an app that seeks to democratize investing, experienced 50% growth in iOS and Google Play downloads in the first weeks of March.

Across all FinTech apps in the US, the amount of time users spent using the apps increased by an average of 20%. As the ability to visit brick and mortar facilities remains restricted and the need to access current market information and assessments becomes even more critical, the need for FinTech solutions that address all aspects of financial activity and banking services will also increase.


Mobile App Development

With mobile apps now experiencing unprecedented demand, the need for professional mobile app developers is higher than ever. Companies that have not yet made a digital transition, or have only recently prioritized creating new mobile products, will need to choose experienced mobile app developers who can provide safe, secure, and branded experiences.

In our EndPoint Modeling workshops, we walk you through the creation of your custom mobile app, delivering a set of functional and non-functional specification documents to act as your new product blueprint. Every detail of your custom mobile app development project is included in this document, along with a clickable prototype. We guarantee your budget, and our ability to deliver it completely to your specifications, so there is no risk to you.

After launching hundreds of popular apps and assisting some of the world’s most innovative companies, we look forward to helping our clients transition and prosper during difficult times. Feel free to message us with any questions, or leave your thoughts in the comments!





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