What Is EndPoint Modeling?

EPM is a proprietary approach to custom software development projects that we use to engage stakeholders and define their vision within a focused workshop environment.

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How EndPoint Modeling Adds Value

EPM allows us to create a detailed blueprint for your project, complete with a feasibility study, functional and nonfunctional specification documents, a clickable prototype, and a contractual guarantee that ensures your project will be delivered on-budget and 100% to spec.


Over 70% of projects fail to meet successful delivery criteria.


Frequently, projects are started without an accurate or complete blueprint and a viable feasibility study has not been created prior to coding. It is also common for communication to break down between clients and developers during the development cycle.

EPM solves this problem by taking a systematic and consistent approach, gathering all of the necessary information and presenting it to shareholders for approval before the project is moved into development. No surprises. No hidden costs.


What problems will your project address and how will it solve them?


In an EPM workshop, we get to the heart of your project goals and help you to create a clear and actionable plan to achieve them. We walk you through the Product Design frameworks used by the most successful digital products in the world and lay the groundwork for your project’s successful adoption.

Our aim is to understand the vision, identify the target audience and define success goals/KPI’s.


Lack of stakeholder consensus is the primary risk to new projects, and this is where successful methodology can have the biggest impact.


By including all the stakeholders in an EPM workshop process, we create an environment where all the needs and expectations of a new project can be discussed and examined.


We guarantee your success


At the completion of your EPM workshop, you will receive a detailed product blueprint that is yours to keep, a clickable prototype and a feasibility study that validates all of the necessary handshakes and checks all of the technical specifications.

In addition, you will receive a contractual guarantee that your project will be delivered 100% to spec and not a penny over budget when you decide to develop it with us.


EPM is the best way to reduce inflated and superficial development costs.


We favor a goals and milestones approach in our price estimates, meaning that we are paid for the work that we complete and you approve. This cuts out the critical resources wasted using the traditional time and materials approach, which allows for costs to be added and deadlines extended throughout the development cycle.

Our estimates are set and guaranteed from the start, and our delivery times reflect our commitment to fast, high-quality project development.

The EPM workshop has been designed to help you:



Thoroughly define your concept and know all the costs before investing


Address any technical or business risks upfront


Ensure that your stakeholders and our dev team are on the same page


Make maximum use of our experience

What People Say

CTO | Global Law Firm

The EPM workshop allowed me to deliver a critical solution for my organization that actually improved operational performance and productivity.

Project Manager | Large Hospital

There is absolutely no way we would have been able to develop our app and successfully streamline our business processes without the proper planning provided in the EPM workshop. Thanks for saving us both time and money.

Senior IT Lead | Manufacture Large Group

EPM helped us to identify the right process and see problem areas in our concept and address them before it was too late.

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