Headless eCommerce: The 2020 Trend Improving Optimization and User Experience

Headless eCommerce: The 2020 Trend Improving Optimization and User Experience

Headless eCommerce offers an evolutionary step up from the system architecture developed during the initial years of eCommerce innovation when traffic was driven by desktop browsers. Now that traffic has become omnichannel, with so many devices, touchpoints, and applications, the ability to create a stable backend eCommerce solution that supports a variety of different customized access points is essential.

This is where Headless eCommerce architecture comes in, allowing businesses to offer a seamless and integrated commercial experience across a broad spectrum of technology touchpoints: smartphones, smartwatches, kiosks, dash buttons, smartphone assistants and more. The ways that consumers can buy products online is growing all the time, and Headless eCommerce architecture is evolving with it to ensure that businesses across the globe remain competitive and profitable.


How Does Headless eCommerce Work?

Headless eCommerce refers to the separation of the frontend development from the backend so that the two applications can act independently, using APIs and platforms such as Magento, Heroku and Mulesoft.

This allows both the frontend and the backend to operate without requiring mutual changes to each other, supporting greater flexibility and creativity in frontend design, and a more robust backend that can handle the problems that traditional eCommerce software still struggles with, ie… traffic spikes, store performance degradation and information overloads.


Who Can Benefit the Most?

Myles Shipman, Vice President of Business Development at the BORN Group, and Magento (Adobe) partner, summarized the ideal candidate for Headless eCommerce application development in the following way:

Headless is a particularly good solution for any business with an existing content management solution that wants to grow their eCommerce offering. Businesses that are content heavy, have content that is media-rich or quickly and constantly changes, or are experiencing rapid growth are also excellent headless candidates.


Additionally, a firm with an experienced marketing and content organization that wants more control is a good candidate for headless, since it can help them deliver highly-personalized, one-to-one experiences, and highly-targeted and contextually-relevant content.


Finally, headless is also an excellent option for large conglomerates with many portfolio companies, brands or divisions that need to exercise content and experience governance by enforcing workflow approval processes, DAM processes, content versioning, tagging and storage rules, or strict branding guidelines.


In our experience, there are two major advantages offered by eCommerce applications using Headless architecture.



New content is reflected instantly in the front end after updates. Traditional systems can take hours before all users can experience a brand’s latest design.


Rich User Experiences and Branding

Businesses can be more creative with their branding elements. They can create more dynamic content and experiment with design without worrying about compatibility issues across all of their channels and touchpoints. They don’t have to worry so much about frontend responsiveness across different devices.


While the majority of companies implementing Headless eCommerce solutions are large or growing rapidly, small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from this emerging trend, working closely with experienced professionals to create a seamless experience for their customers in a demanding and competitive market.

Would you like to know what a Headless eCommerce solution can do for your business? We invite you to book a discovery call with us to explore your eCommerce options and discuss the one that best fits your business strategy.

In our EPM workshop, we walk you through the process of designing the solution you want, building the functional and non-functional specifications, and scope your project based on a milestones approach that allows us to guarantee your project will not exceed your budget and all delivery criteria will be met.

Do you have experience implementing a system built with Headless architecture? If so, leave us a message in the comments. We love to hear from our readers!

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