8 Things to Consider Before Approaching a Mobile App Developer

8 Things to Consider Before Approaching a Mobile App Developer

With the demand for mobile apps now skyrocketing, new solutions for mobile users facing difficult times are moving quickly toward development. Businesses need to interact with customers and staff, as well as manage their operations and production processes. Mobile users need to access accounts, collaborate on work projects, communicate with team members, order from their favorite online stores and food delivery service providers, and build toolkits that help keep them healthy and entertained during stressful periods.

In the rush to launch business solutions or bring exciting new app ideas to market, it’s important to consider these steps before approaching mobile apps developers.


What Makes This Project A Priority?


What problems are going to be solved by your app? This answer needs to be comprehensive, providing a detailed view of the user’s current pain points and how they will be addressed by your solution. What costs are currently being incurred because this solution is not in place? How will the lives of your users be improved and are there any other apps doing the same thing? This is the first question a good mobile app developer will ask before beginning a project.


What Is Your Budget?

Most businesses will have some idea of what they would like to spend on their projects before the start of a development workshop, but it’s crucial to go into finer detail as the stakeholders agree on requirements and features, and the new project begins to take shape. It’s necessary to weigh your project budget against the cost of the issue you are trying to address. If the problem you are trying to solve is costing you 1,000,000 dollars a year, are you willing to spend 200,000 to fix it?


Will You Accept Payments?

If this is an app with eCommerce features, it’s important to decide what payment methods you will allow and what store or shopping technology you would like to include. This is an important element of the product blueprint your mobile app developer will create for you.


Do You Intend To Monetize Your Idea?

In the case of developing new apps for the market, how do you intend to monetize your idea? While free downloads can raise your app’s standing and attract investors, you should have a plan to monetize your idea in the future, and allow a space for that during development. The options include, in-App advertising, in-App purchases, paid app downloads and subscriptions, to name a few.


What Is Your Timeline?

The longer a project takes to complete, the more likely it is to cause problems. It’s not just about cost overruns. Priorities shift. Product ideas pivot. Getting into a workshop where the input of stakeholders is included and a solid set of functional and non-functional specification documents is created is the first step in solidifying a starting point.


How Feasible Is Your Project?

What technology will you be using? What platforms will it be available on (Android, iOS). What APIs will the app use? Will it be built using React Native, Weex, NativeScript, Titanium, etc… Many software development companies will offer contracts on projects they haven’t fully scoped out. The EndPoint Modeling approach includes a full feasibility assessment in advance. We confirm that all of the specifications and requirements of your project can be achieved within your budget and your timeline. We confirm that the necessary software handshakes exist and the APIs are exposed. In this way, we protect both ourselves and our clients.



UI/UX design is crucial to your brand. The look and feel of a product is what sells it to your users and influences its rate of adoption. In our EndPoint Modeling workshop, we build a clickable prototype so that you can see your vision in action and fine-tune the details before approving the project. For Startups, we provide an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your app so that you can begin attracting investors can VCs before investing all of your resources in the finished product.


Would You Like A Contractual Guarantee?

With EndPoint Modeling services, the risk is on our end. We contractually guarantee that your product will arrive on-budget and to spec. We take legal responsibility for scoping your project correctly, and this fact is what distinguishes us from other software development companies, allowing us to maintain a 100% satisfaction rating in delivering on-spec products to our customers.


Do you have a mobile app idea you would like to develop? Call or message us today for a consultation. We would love to hear from you!

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