6 Questions That Need to be Answered Before A Single Line of Code is Written

6 Questions That Need to be Answered Before A Single Line of Code is Written

Before a single line of code is written for your custom software engineering project, it’s important to have a clear blueprint of what will be built. While it’s common practice for software development companies to guide their prospective clients through the initial planning phases by engaging them in workshops, each vendor employs a different strategy to get this done, and ultimately, it’s up to you to maximize the value of these services.

Companies that take a ‘time and materials’ approach to new software projects tend to leave too much undefined. They will meet with major stakeholders and outline the proposed development project in broad strokes. Their prices will be based on the amount of time and materials required to finish the project, and it’s common for them to add resources and extend deadlines based on ‘evolving requirements’.

Our approach is different. Using EndPoint modeling, we meet with all of the stakeholders and create an EndPoint blueprint that maps your vision down to the fine details. Not only do we provide guidance on how we can help you achieve your technical goals, we also set you up for success in the long run by helping you promote user adoption and achieve a consensus on the value your project will add to the company before work begins.

So, what are the questions that need to be answered before an accurate project blueprint can be created and a software developer can start work? Here is a list of the primary items to focus on.


What Makes This Project A Priority?

What core business problems are being addressed by the new custom software solution and how will its deployment further your business strategy? Is the goal to save money? Is it to offer a better user experience, or build a new ERP? What costs are you incurring because this solution is not in place? The development team leading your workshop will use this information to create the right specifications for your project and promote a consensus between all of the stakeholders.


What Is Your Budget?

Most businesses will have some idea of what they would like to spend on their projects before the start of a workshop, but it’s crucial to go into finer detail as the stakeholders agree on requirements and features, and the new project begins to take shape. It’s necessary to weigh your project budget against the cost of the issue you are trying to address. If the problem you are trying to solve is costing you 1,000,000 dollars a year, are you willing to spend 200,000 to fix it?


What Is Your Timeline?

The longer a project takes to complete, the more likely it is to cause problems within your organization. It’s not just about cost overruns anymore. In today’s business environment, changes happen faster than they used to. Priorities shift. Product lines pivot. There are more opportunities for CEOs to change companies and a greater number of them are doing so. In this high-paced business environment, you must have solid C-Suite approval for your budget and your deadline, and both of these items need to be included in your project blueprint during the course of a workshop.


How Feasible Is Your Project?

Many software development companies will offer contracts on projects they haven’t fully scoped out. The EndPoint Modeling approach includes a full feasibility assessment in advance. We confirm that all of the specifications and requirements of your project can be achieved within your budget and your timeline. We confirm that the necessary software handshakes exist and the APIs are exposed. In this way, we protect both ourselves and our clients.


What is Your Vision for the Application?

How do you want this system or application to look and feel? How do you want the product to interact with end-users? How would you like the information organized and presented? What are your primary concerns in terms of UI/UX? Through our workshops, we help you to define your vision, and then we prototype it for you before any coding begins, so that you can perfect your application at the start of your project, saving time and money later on.


Does Your Software Developer Offer Any Guarantees?

With EndPoint Modeling services, the risk is on our end. We contractually guarantee that your product will arrive on-budget and to spec. We take legal responsibility for scoping your project correctly, and this fact is what distinguishes us from other software development companies, allowing us to maintain a 100% satisfaction rating in delivering on-spec products to our customers.


Do you have experience with development workshops that you would like to share with us? Are you searching for the right vendor for your next successful project? Share your experiences in the comments, or send us a message. We are always looking for interesting new projects.

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