10 Amazing Apps Built With React Native

10 Amazing Apps Built With React Native

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications that can run natively on both iOS and Android. Developed by Facebook, it is based on ReactJS and offers the ability to share libraries and re-use code between operating systems, thereby dramatically simplifying the app development process.


By using React Native, developers can build web apps that can share the same logic as mobile apps, creating a seamless user experience. With React Native, there is no need to maintain multiple codebases or hire developers that are proficient in both Android and iOS; the framework allows a team of JavaScript developers to work on a single codebase.


What are the advantages?


Unlike Cordova or Iconic, React Native uses the host platform’s set of native UI elements instead of a combination of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS—which is a method that requires a lot of effort to fine-tune in terms of look and feel, and becomes outdated too easily. React Native translates markup into mobile native UI elements and maintains high performance by working separately from the main UI, so that capability is never sacrificed.

Also, the React Native update cycle is the same as React’s, so when changes are made, all views are re-rendered seamlessly.


Most Popular React Native Apps


1. Soundcloud Pulse


The world’s leading music streaming platform, SoundCloud, offers over 150 million tracks and a constant stream of fresh uploads. SoundCloud’s React Native-based app ‘Pulse’ allows users to access their accounts, check stats and respond to comments on the go.


2. UberEats


While this app is not exclusively React Native, it draws a significant part of its UI and UX from the technology. Developers used React Native to create a dashboard with elements like sound and push notifications.


3. Instagram


Instagram first integrated React Native into their existing photo and video sharing platform by adding a push notification feature, and has grown from there. Instagram developers chose React Native for its ease of maintenance in regard to both Android and iOS platforms.

4. Delivery.com

Delivery.com uses React Native to allow users to order from restaurants, grocery stores, liquor shops, and laundry service providers via their app. More than one million people use the app daily.



5. Bloomberg

Bloomberg introduced a mobile app for iOS and Android built-in React Native that provides users with an interactive experience, personalized content, and videos and live feeds.


6. Tesla


The Tesla app offers owners the ability to communicate with their vehicles and Powerwalls. Owners can check the charging status and opt to start or stop charging. The app also allows owners to activate the heating or cooling systems, lock or unlock the vehicle, and locate or track the vehicle, among many other options.


7. Skype

Skype uses React Native to allow its users to connect with contacts through video calls, voice calls, and chats, as well as the ability to share photos and videos.


8. Pinterest

Pinterest uses its React Native mobile app to engage its users on any topic imaginable, offering a vibrant and satisfying experience.


9. Discord

Discord uses its React Native app to keep its users connected to all of their Discord voice and text channels when they are away from their games. Users can chat with team members, view other players who are online and review conversations they missed.


10. Salesforce

Salesforce‘s React Native app allows its users to access their Chatter, CRM, and business processes from their phones. Users can receive updates, join conference calls, and review CRM data so that they can stay on top of their sales goals no matter where they are.



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